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Are you adopted?

  • Do you struggle with feelings of abandonment?
  • Were you recently reunited with your birth parents?
  • Are you contemplating looking for your birth parents?
  • Do you feel torn between the parents who raised you and your biological parents?
  • Are you worried about how this effects your parenting style?

Do you have adopted children?

  • Are you trying to navigate how to bond with a recently adopted child?
  • Are you struggling with telling a child they are adopted?
  • Do you worry about your child wanting to know their birth parents?
  • I love my adopted child, but I don’t like them – what do I do?
  • What can I expect as my adopted child gets older?
  • Have you heard the phrase : “You are not even my real parents!”

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If you have found yourself asking these questions or any number of others, I can help!

When adoption is a component of a family, many questions arise. Adoption can add level of challenge, joy, hope and many other things to a family. It is my job to help you navigate the challenges, celebrate the joys, encourage the hopes and ultimately help you find you and your family’s individual path. Having a basis in attachment theory, I am able to incorporate many techniques into therapy to help you grow as a person and embrace all the shades of color adoption has brought into your life.

Everyone who has been adopted or is the parent of an adopted child have struggles with identity, belonging, compassion and understanding. You are not alone!


Counseling is not going to change the fact that my birth parents gave me up.

This is true, I cannot rewind time and make your birth parents see the amazing wonderful person you are and the amazing life the were not able to be a part of. However, I CAN help YOU see the amazing person that you are and perhaps come to grips with a decision that you had no control over. I can help you deal with the grief, sense of loss, anger and love – all of which I imagine are emotions that you have had to grapple with at some point or another.

Adoption was not at all what I expected, how will counseling make a difference?

Life, like adoption, is rarely what you expect. While I cannot foresee all the challenges you will face on this journey with your adopted child, I can be here to listen to your concerns, support your decisions and help you process your challenges. As the parent your adoptive child, your child relies on you for support with an undoubtedly confusing topic. I am here to support YOU so you can be the support for them.



“As Ashley’s supervisor I’ve been impressed with her competency, ability to work with difficult clients successfully and her imaginative approach to counseling. She is enthusiastic about her clients and a dedicated, empathic counselor. I highly recommend her services”

– Tracey McCulick, Licensed Professional Counselor, Supervisor

Why should we go with you as our counselor?

Good question, there are several things that set me apart from other therapists:

  • I have worked with many families affected by adoption and have been privileged to help these families an be a support through the challenges and joys the faced.
  • I offer a safe and accepting environment regardless of sexual, gender, or cultural orientation
  • My clients describe me as patient and compassionate
  • Should you find that I am not the right fit for you and your family I will offer you referrals to other therapists in the hopes that you will find someone that you work better with.

So, what now?

I invite you to contact me if you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation.


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