Hello Everyone!

I am excited to announce that I have been working very hard to bring you a new series of workshops. Please take a moment to browse the workshop descriptions and if you find something that you would like to book for your office, church group, school, PTA, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact me!



Participants will learn to identify a narcissist and navigate the relationships with the varying narcissists in their lives. Participants will also be introduced to the many types of narcissists and the behaviors and traits demonstrated by each. The goal of this workshop is for attendees to walk away with the knowledge of how to separate from or maintain a relationship with a narcissist without sacrificing the self. This workshop is particularly helpful for those who feel they may be the adult child of a narcissistic parent, but is applicable to all narcissistic relationships.


This workshop is an introduction to self-regulation and combatting anxiety. Participants will learn to recognize feelings within their bodies and how to use that information to calm their nerves.This workshop utilizes hands-on activities to help support the information presented. Participants will leave this workshop with a list of immediately executable techniques to help lesson their anxiety while also increasing their internal awareness.


Healthy communication is a foundational building block in all relationships. This workshop will help guide participants toward effective and healthy communication through the use of compassion. When utilized in the workplace compassionate communication can increase sales, improve networking, foster connection, and increase productivity by improving the quality of relationships with co-workers and clients. Within personal relationships, compassionate communication can help encourage mutual understanding, find growth in conflict, allow both individuals to feel heard and valued, and support longevity of the relationship. Through the presentation of communication techniques, discussion and group exercises, the participants will leave this workshop with a better understanding of how to develop strong relationships through compassionate communication.

Parent & Teacher Series


During this workshop, participants will learn how to identify and manage the needs expressed by early childhood tantrums. Participants will also be introduced to various parenting styles and how they affect a child’s development. Using the child’s experience, the workshop will demonstrate the difference between discipline and punishment, while highlighting logical and natural consequences. This interactive workshop will challenge participants to reflect on their own parenting styles and come away with immediately executable techniques to help children grow and develop into emotionally healthy and positive contributors to society. (This workshop is offered as 3 hr version and can be combined with Regulating Big Feelings in Little Kids for a full day workshop. This set up is ideal for teacher in-service/training days)


As a follow-up to Big Feelings, Little Kids:Raising Emotionally Healthy Children, Regulating Big Feelings in Little Kids will be a fun, hands-on workshop that will give you and your teachers the opportunity to create the many interventions discussed in Big Feelings, Little Kids, as well as, learn about a few new ones!


This is a more condensed version of the “BIG feelings, little Kids” workshop and focuses on the needs being expressed during a tantrum and how parents can meet those needs without giving in to the tantrums. (This workshop is 1.5 hours)


This workshop is an introduction into the complicated world of Sensory Processing Disorder in children. Participants will leave this workshop with a basic understanding of what Sensory Processing Disorder is and how to recognize symptoms within their own child or a child in their classroom. This workshop will also provide attendees with techniques and tools to approach and support these children, as well as, get a small glimpse into their world.



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